What does Someone Require to Rent a Car?

You may have a requirement to rent a car. It may be the first time you are going to rent a car. So if the case is exactly what I said, you better look into some basic things about ranting a car. There may have some term and conditions vary from different car renting companies. And thus, people often think “What do I need to rent a car?” And we are here to help you out.

To hire car from a rental company everyone should reach these requirements.

  1. Acceptable Mode of Payment
  2. Age Requirement
  3. Valid Drivers’ License

Mode of Payment

The most important part of car renting is mode of payment. Earlier in the car renting era, credit was inevitable mode of payment. But now, debit card and cash payment is also available. Let’s look at them.

Credit Card

Using a credit card for renting a car is widely used mode of payment. And most of the car rental companies give priorities and some have only option of credit card. Because in the duration of renting car, some extra amount may be charged due to damage or other issues. You can use your credit card to rent car at off-airport and airport location of various places in US.

Debit Card

For the car rental companies the best mode of getting payment is credit card but all the customers may not like to use credit card. And that is why many car renting companies allow their customer to rent car with a debit card. But when you are renting car with debit card, a bank account credit check may be conducted. Or in some cases, renter has to deposited money to car renting company during the rental period.

Car Renting with Cash

It is really easy and handy if you do not have credit card or you do not feel secure using credit card. Like debit card payment cash car renting asks for deposit.

Age Requirement

In general the minimum age requirement in United States to rent a car is 25 years old. But you can hire a car even if you are not 25 years old. And the policy and criteria of renting a car to under age driver varies from company to company. Some of the car renting company allows their car to under age persons applying some extra charges and more security criteria. But the hope is not all the company. Very few car rental companies allow renting car event if you are less than 25 years old and not applying any extra charges.

Valid Drivers’ License

If you are living in United Sates and you have a valid copy of driving license issued by the government, then you are passed the criteria. The issued license will be valid for the entire trip.

But in case you are not citizen of United States, you can provide your own country driving license. The problem is only few English speaking courtiers are enjoying this opportunity. And other country’s citizen has to show International Driving Permit (IDP)

Some people carry a photo copy of their driving license and present them to the car rental companies. Remember, the photo copy of driving license is not acceptable.