Tips for Buying Car Window Film

Car window film is useful for you, four-wheeled vehicle owners, who will definitely be helped by the presence of window film. Window film has several functions which of course benefit the car owner when driving.

Its functions, among others, make the cabin cooler, if the shattered glass prevents the shattered glass from hitting the passengers in the car, besides that the window film also serves to minimize crime. Therefore, it is mandatory for car owners to know tips on buying car window film.

So, how do you choose a good window film? You can use window tinting Winston-Salem service for best result when installing your window tint. Check out the following 5 tips before you apply window film.

1. Choose a trusted brand

The strength of a brand can indeed influence potential customers. Therefore, when choosing a window film for your favorite car, try to choose a brand that is already trusted and widely used.

Price does not guarantee quality. It’s useless if you buy window film at an expensive price but most people rarely use it because the quality is not good enough, of course, it will be in vain.

2. The level of darkness

The level of darkness needs to be considered when installing window film. Window film that has the number one quality will certainly guarantee clear visibility. There is also a recommended level of darkness as follows.

The maximum recommended darkness for the windshield and rear is a maximum of 40{8340f1903a166c2d0336d17cba4ccc99f9dca6cfb9cb7633e95c3e8eb091456f}. This figure is still relatively safe because it doesn’t really obstruct the driver’s view. Meanwhile, for side window films, the maximum recommended darkness is 80{8340f1903a166c2d0336d17cba4ccc99f9dca6cfb9cb7633e95c3e8eb091456f}.

However, it is recommended that the darkness on the windshield and sides are not far adrift. This is so that the driver’s eye can quickly form a shadow when looking at the rearview mirror.

3. Heat rejection

Of course, heat rejection is important for a window film brand. With good heat rejection, the cabin will be cool and driving will be more comfortable. There is a wide selection of brands that claim their products are the latest in resisting heat. As a smart consumer, don’t immediately fall for this talk.

To see what good heat rejection can be done by testing the window film. The next tip for buying car window film that you can try is to test it with Infra-Red (IR) Rejection at the level of 1,400 nm (nanometer). From the tool, it can be seen how much the ability of the film to resist ultraviolet rays. With that, you have a “benchmark” when choosing a window film.

You can also select a high Infra-Red Rejection. By choosing the highest infrared repellent, the lower the heat that penetrates the car.

You also don’t hesitate to ask for testing at your vehicle’s window film installation dealer. If they argue they don’t have testing media, then just leave and find a better dealer.

4. Basic materials

Yes, the basic material also needs attention. The selection of a good base material will determine the age of the window film itself. Then, what kind of basic material is good for window film?

The basic material or base material that is suitable and good for window film is a non-metal base material. Why is non-metal an option? Nothing else because if you use window film with a metal base material it will cause rust for long-term use. Of course, it will also reduce the age of the window film itself.

5. Warranty

After seeing the 4 tips above, this last tip is no less important. In fact, you could say that the warranty is a tip that must be met when installing window film.

Why is it so obligatory? Because with the warranty, you will easily replace the damaged window film by accident. In addition, if an error occurs in the installation process such as bubbling window film, you can also claim the warranty you have.

Keep in mind, the inflated window film will reduce the service life of the window film. With a direct guarantee, you can also be sure of getting the original product.

Hopefully, the information regarding tips on buying car window film is useful.