Pay Attention to Installing the Correct Car Window Film

Even though the car is owned by yourself, there are still some rules that must be obeyed. One of them is about installing window film. For convenience and in accordance with applicable laws.

Generally, the installation of window film is intended to reduce the intensity of the incoming light. Moreover, living in a tropical country with an abundance of light that tends to be excessive. This is if intended during the day. At night, window film can effectively reduce the glare of other vehicles. In addition, to protect the car from the actions of criminals.

There are three types of window film available in the market. The first is nanoceramic, which has the ability to reject heat well, but unfortunately, the cabin results are very dark. Then there’s nanometal. With its metallic content, heat can be overcome, but it blocks frequency signals such as GPS and telephones. The last one is made from nanocarbon. Is a combination of the two previous ingredients. Perfect heat absorption does not interfere with the signal, the color of the window film is more solid black, suitable for those who like privacy.

Car owners are also advised to choose a window film that is not easily broken. Instead of having to lose repeatedly. And keep in mind, don’t close your view to a safe limit from inside or from outside. You can use the services of window tinting Reno for installing car window films properly and with good quality.


Many motorists decide not to use window film for safety reasons. Especially those who often drive at night with bad asphalt terrain conditions. This action is justified, as long as it is not affected by light and can continue to drive safely.

When installing, it is recommended that window film has a 20 percent darkness level. However, when it is deemed less protective, the dark frequency can be increased. But not more than 40 percent because it is suitable for smooth road conditions, but it is categorized as dangerous for damaged roads.

Side glass

Installation of window film for the right and left windows can match the front window glass. When the front window panes are brighter, then we direct our eyes to the side glass, it takes a longer time to capture the shadow in the rearview mirror. If 20 percent darkness intensity is installed in front, the side needs 40 percent. But if the front is 40 percent, the sides are ideally 60 percent.

Rear glass

For the rear glass, if you have Rayban mode installed, it is better if the window film is in the range of 20 percent or 40 percent. Try no more. However, when Rayban mode is not installed, you can choose a 60 percent window film. A very useful step to reduce the sharp beam of lights from behind. And avoid those that are up to 80 percent, the article will make it difficult for drivers to reverse and park.