Choosing the Right Car Window Film

After knowing the function of car glass, it would be nice for those of you who just have a car to install window film. Besides being able to help with driving comfort, installing window film can also increase safety. You can get the best window tint service at window tinting Tinley Park. However, not many people know what percentage of darkness the ideal window film is. Here’s an ideal car window film darkness level.

Front Window Film

Installation of car window film on the windshield is recommended to use only 20 percent darkness. But if you still feel that 20 percent is still too bright, try to keep darkness up to a maximum of 40 percent, not more. The advantage of using window film with a dark level of 40 percent on the windshield is that it will not be too glare during the day.

However, if you are a person who often goes out of town, it would be better to use car window film with only 20 percent darkness to avoid distraction when the light on the road is dim.

Driver Car Window Film

When using 20 percent window film on the front, do not put too dark window film on the left and right side of the driver’s glass. The reason is, of course when our eyes see a bright windshield and then we see the rearview mirror from the dark side window, our eyes take a long time to catch the shadow in the rearview mirror.

So, if the windshield is 20 percent, then for the driver’s left and right-side glass, just use 40 percent. If the windshield uses 40 percent, then use 40 percent or 60 percent window film on this side window.

Rear Car Window Film

For the rear window film installation, if the rear-view mirror is equipped with Ray ben mode, then the rear glass can use 20 percent or 40 percent, not more.

But if there is no Ray ben mode, it is recommended to use 60 percent, to avoid glare from the reflection of the car lights behind us through the center mirror. Never use window film with a dark level of 80 percent, it will be difficult to walk backwards, especially at night.

Well, now you know how to choose the level of darkness from each window film that will be installed on the car. There are various kinds of window film products available on the market. You can choose according to your considerations.,-88.2909147,10z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x880e1bcbd28d7fc3:0x5690a441c6094427!8m2!3d41.5979155!4d-87.7971183