Best Cars For A UK Countryside Trip

Travelling is an essential part of human existence and an escape from everyday stress and busy schedules. Travelling allows one to experience more out of life and visit new terrains and culture. It’s a good remedy for anxiety, stress and depression. It also helps in significantly improving one’s mental and physical health. People who get privileged to travel a lot get noticed to be open-minded and interact better with others.

With the earth being a custodian of unending glamour, there are many places one can decide to visit. Why remain behind a book and learn about other cultures when you can experience it yourself? There’s a beauty of having first-hand learning experience about different geographies, topographies and people making travelling worth the praises.

Although travelling can be an eventful experience, travelling the right way makes it even more enjoyable. A visit to the UK countryside is only as adventurous with a suitable medium of transportation. That makes a significant number of people visit rental car companies online reviews to know the car they should rent before setting out for the journey. Exploring the English countryside rural escape and alluring dramatic dales can be more fun when travelling in certain vehicles. Some of these include


When planning to go on a trip to the UK countryside, the BMW X3 is a car you can trust. The BMW X3 has a strong safety rating and provides practicality as a suitable car for that countryside trip. It has the BMW trademarked aggressive headlights and a double-kidney grille. The BMW X3 is a standard SUV that provides a comfortable driving position with excellent visibility. It has a decent range of diesel-fueled engines that can sprint up to 62mph in under 6 seconds and a good fuel economy. A combination of different features such as its exceptional traction on the road and decent off-road capabilities makes it a thrilling four-wheel to ride on country roads.

Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is a standard car recommended for that countryside trip. Equipped with a standard seven seats and a 770-litre boot, the Audi Q7 is a car you can trust for a fantastic countryside experience. The Audi Q7 can tackle light off-roading duties due to its 2,800kg towing limit and a standard Quattro four-wheel-drive-system.

Land Rover Discovery

The land rover discovery is a powerful vehicle recommended for that countryside trip. With seven seats and spacious interior, the discovery can seat the whole family comfortably. This fantastic motor commands all terrains. It can perform off-road duties while also providing comfort. Families and commuters don’t have to worry about the long-distance on-road journey as this fantastic car are up to the task. The discovery’s 2.7 litres and 3.0 litres engine providing around 30mpg also makes it a terrific vehicle for towing trailers.

MINI Countryman

The Mini Countryman is a simple but elegant motor one can decide to use for that Countryside trip. This compact SUV offers the iconic Mini design, practicable and is spacious appealing to many families. This vehicle boasts of 350-litre boot capacity which could increase to 1,170-litre when the rear seats get folded. With maximum traction, sharp handling and exceptional clearance, this car is ideal for rural roads. The Mini Countryman has a dynamic stability control allowing brakes to be applied on different wheels when needed. That helps to keep the car under control, even in poor driving conditions.

Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche cayenne range of vehicles is an excellent choice for countryside trips. This prestigious car is one you can trust, and it lives up to expectations in terms of reliability. The Porsche Cayenne is an outstanding car for venturing off-road and exploring the B-roads in the countryside.

Travelling can be such a soothing experience. Feeding the mind with beautiful landscapes and fantastic cuisines is not one that can get forgotten in a hurry. Users comment on, and other reviews websites can help go a long way to provide insights on places worth visiting.